Advertising technology has been in a growth phase for close to twenty years. One of the major milestones was Google’s acquisition of AdMeld in June 2011. This completed the programmatic dream with the first ad exchange and with it end to end, marketing goals through to advertising and conversion.


Disparate Systems

More people will understand and rightly be focused on the benefits from unifying attribution across marketing and advertising channels. This means we as the experts should be prepared to tell the story on how we got here and at the same time explain the challenges and barriers that…

Marketing Attribution Model Alignment

One of the most exciting aspects of unifying marketing data is the opportunity to measure conversions uniformly across channels. The primary purpose of these posts is to focus on this point in time where siloed multi-channel budgets are now being aligned into one omni-channel budget. This…

Mickey Hill

From the corner of Marketing & Advertising @martech925

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